Environmental protection

The Ducroire carries out an environmental evaluation for medium and long- term insurance as well as for each concessional aid request. Every request is accompanied by an annex on the environment which has to be completed by the exporter / applicant for each transaction with a repayment period of 2 years or more.


This commitment of the Ducroire reflects a general principle towards which the OECD members convened to adhere on 2001 in the framework of the “Council Recommendation on Common Approaches on the Environment and officially supported Export Credits”. These common approaches foresaw a revision in the fall of 2003, where the negotiations led to the adoption by all the Member States due to a «Recommendation» by the OECD in December 2003.


Thus, while proceeding to a thorough environmental analysis, the Ducroire tries to reconcile both the interests of civil society and of the exporters, with due regard to the concern of business confidentiality, rapidity in its decision-making and equal treatment between competitors.


In order to enhance the transparency and efficiency its environmental evaluation, the Ducroire defined environmental guidelines:


In accordance with the recommendation of the OECD, the Ducroire publishes a list of environmentally sensitive projects (category A) which are in the course of instruction and for which environmental information is published at least 30 days prior to a final commitment to grant cover, as well as projects accepted for cover and classified into categories A and B.


See transactions under instruction and policies issued for category A and B projects.

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