1) The request must be submitted before any expenses have occurred, by using the form provided for this purpose and by attaching the following documents:

  • The status of the company

  • The 2 last balance sheets, or a business plan if the former is not available

  • The trade authorisation


2) The sub-committee COPEL meets once a month in order to decide on the admissibility of the applications. In case of technical agreement by the COPEL sub-committee, the request is forwarded to the Ducroire committee for final approval.


3) In case of acceptance by the Ducroire committee, a letter of commitment with a validity of 6 months will be issued. In case the eligible event does not occur within this period, a 6-month extension may be granted upon formal request by the company.


4) The final payment will be made exclusively on the basis of invoices accompanied by receipts of payment.

Photo - Assurance-Crédit